P.B. has been adopted!


P. B. is a handsome, bouncy, bold orange boy once he gets to know you and feels secure in a new environment. He loves to play with his siblings and can’t resist being in the middle of every happy adventure, exploration, and rowdy romp, but he hasn’t been exposed to dogs. His soft apricot orange coat is a true classic, with handsome russet markings highlighting his lovable face and a sugar-dusted smile and impressive whiskers. Velvety feet and a long stripey tail round out his picture-perfect tabbyman good looks! Head boops, cheek rubs, and naps near his people add sweet affection to his list of very companionable gifts! Cozy affection and spunky fun define equal parts of this wonderful guy! Could P.B. be the sweet addition to your loving family? He’s sure to bring the J. for joy too!

Littermates:  Halle, White Sox