Mochi has been adopted!


Who could be more stunningly stylish than marvelous Mochi wearing her gorgeous and silky striped ensemble in its alternating pattern of uniquely dramatic black and cloud-white stripes?! An adorably happy spirit inhabits that beautiful attire, a girl who loves to have fun with her sweet siblings, jumping out of empty boxes, scampering after the laser light, or just sitting near the window enjoying the view. This friendly darling also gets along well with other cats but hasn’t had exposure to dogs. Of course, being simply irresistible, it’s no surprise that she loves her humans and delightedly switches her elegant tail and starts to purr as soon as they come into view and anytime she’s petted and enjoying the snuggles she loves to get! She’s a charmer from nose to toes to tail and will be a treasure in a great forever home. She can be a little spicy and gets a little over stimulated when she’s pet given you a love bite when she needs a break so young children would not be the right fit for mochi. Could Mochi be the purrfect lovebug for you?