Matcha has been adopted!


What could be sweeter than a gorgeous, loving girl named Macha snuggled in the crook of your arm or curled up contentedly for a cozy nap in your lap? This doll is a snuggler every chance she gets, including with her darling siblings and with other adult cats. Following you around is a favorite occupation in the hopes that you will scoop her up for the hugs she loves! This sweetheart is quick to purr and quick to play, especially with her happy sibs and with any and all jinglebell balls and toys with feathers. When they aren’t playing, she likes to groom her sibs like a doting mama cat. She gets along well with other cats and with young kids too but hasn’t met any dogs. A gorgeous coat of black and white stripes make her a best-dressed darling for every activity! She looks like a twin to one of her sisters, but her coat is a little bit fuzzier and super soft, making her a bit squishy. This purrfectly fanTABBulous tabbygirl treasure named Macha hopes to soon be the very beautiful, deeply affectionate, and delightfully fun-loving addition in a forever family that cherishes her. How about yours?