Bubble has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

This extra cuddly cutie is Bubble, who’s adorable and adoring whether she’s curled up cozily purring in your lap, snoozing sprawled on your chest, popping out of cardboard boxes to surprise her sisters, leaping for string toys, or batting and chasing anything that rolls! She’s also a big fan of food, likes kids and adult cats, but hasn’t met any dogs. This sweetie loves attention and affection, especially enjoys her sister, Boba, and doesn’t like to be left alone. Her classic silk suit is black as a deep night sky, and her luminous eyes are a beautiful blend of riverstone gray and forest green. With her deeply affectionate nature and delightfully playful spirit, Bubble is sure to be the precious little black diamond to bring sparkle to a loving and secure forever family. Two black diamonds would be a bounty of treasure if Boba got to come too!