Sammie has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix / Dilute Calico
white face

When you say the word GORGEOUS you are talking about Sammie.... she is the a soft, snuggly, bundle of joy all wrapped into a furry little package!
The bonus is she has a sister that is exactly the same so when they say two are better than one they are talking about these precious girls.
Sammie loves to have her long haired beautiful coat brushed, and she loves being held too!
Her favorite pass time is romping through the house at her fosters with her sister Billie, and following her fosters adult cat all over. She is full of spunk and energy, but loves her nap time as much. 
She is dog friendly, loves being around other cats adult and kittens, and she has been around children with great success. 
This sweet little cuddly furry girl will wiggle her way into your heart, and if you have room for two she would love her sister to come along... they love to cuddle, eat and sleep together all day long..... How can you resist these faces?

Mother: Mom Cat 24268 (Susie)
Littermate:  Billie