Nugget has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix / Tabby
White feet

The Flintstone's

Meet Bamm Bamm, a little orange guy that is playful and sweet as the day is long.

He has a fluffy orange coat with the cutest little white boots. When he is not joining in the ruckus of his siblings, he loves to take long naps cuddled up with one of them. Though he has not been around children or dogs as of yet, he has been around his sisters and brothers. Bamm Bamm is curious and watches things before he ventures in joining in, he just wants to make sure it is safe and fun because he is all about fun! He would love to find a forever home to play in, and if one of his siblings can come he would not mind.

So if you think you want to have a Yabba Do Time Bamm Bamm is your guy!

Mother: Kala
Littermates:  Barney, Dino, Elroy, Fred, Pebbles