Dino has been adopted!


The Flintstone 's Little Dino is a curious little tabby that knows what his favorite thing is in the whole world.... TOYS! You can put any toy in front of him and it is his new best thing in life. He does not mind sharing with his siblings if he must, he will just move onto another toy. When he is not chasing his toys all over the house at his foster home, he is circled up napping with his siblings or on his foster moms lap awaiting some head rubs.

He is small but mighty with his gorgeous tabby coat, and sweet loving demeanor.

If you have a big toy box ready for all the kitten toys Dino would love for you to be his forever home, if you have room for two he is happy to share his toys with his siblings too.

****One sibling is Fred, and Dino was Fred's best friend on The Flintstone's

Mother: Kala
Littermates:  Barney, Elroy, Fred, Nugget, Pebbles