Fred has been adopted!

white feet

The Flintstone's

Fred is a little spunky ball of high energy, and fun!

Oh and the best thing is that at the end of the day when you get home....he is happy to untie your shoes for you so that you can sit down, relax and spoil him. Shoestrings are his all time favorite!

When it comes to playing he loves toys....he wants to know what everything is. When he finds his forever home he will most likely be exploring the first few days to learn everything he can.

Fred is as smart as he is curious, and is a cutie pie to boot! Tabby is such a general description however once you see him in person you will see all his handsome markings that make him stand out. Though he will help untie your shoes,  he always keeps his bright white socks on.

He is tiny but mighty with personality, looking for his forever home to explore, and if you have room for two one of his siblings could come along for the adventure.

Mother: Kala
Littermates:  Barney, Dino, Elroy, Nugget, Pebbles