Kitten 24307 (Freedom) has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

Beautiful Freedom is the gorgeous kitten that's ready to go home with you.  She likes to spruce up her littermates one by one, and watch their goofy antics until she’s ready to jump into the middle to show them how it’s done, and cuddle up with all of them but especially with brother Harper! Jinglebell balls and q-tips are her favorite playthings, and she’s a graceful champ at zipping up and down the cat tree! Her personality is pretty independent and resting in a sunny window while her brother and sister hoot it up is often just fine with her!  This doll’s one-of-a-kind coat is silky, soft, and dense, and her beautiful eyes look like she’s a girly girl working on getting her smoky eyeshadow just right! What a precious girl she is from nose to toes to tail, all pale mocha and cream and sweet.  Could adorable Freedom be the sweetest of treats for your loving forever family?