Ellis has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix

Being utterly adorable isn’t Ellis’s only claim to fame. When he playfully rolls on his back he purrs like a tiny jet engine and gives high fives with his fuzzy wuzzy snow white paws! Kitty kisses are also his speciality! Even in his gorgeous attire he’s an accomplished jumper who leaps for his hanging toys and the bouncing red laser light! This doll’s looks are perfection from his excellent floofy black face “drapes” to his beautiful white-dipped kissy pout, fluffy bib and tummy, and dancing velvety feet! He hasn’t been exposed to dogs or kids but has enjoyed his cutiepie siblings. Could Ellis bring his excellent good looks and lovable disposition to the circle of your forever family’s love? He has high fives waiting for you!

Mother: Abitha
Littermates:  Eli, Emmie, Evan