Cat 24316 (Nellie) is available for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
7 months old

Velvety ebony Nellie is ready to grace a forever home as gentle and affectionate as she is! This elegant and polished sweetheart looks forward to cozy lap time and enjoys being picked up and carried around. She plays happily on her own, and every kind of toy is just fine with her. Her big curiosity makes her interested in whatever you are doing, and she especially likes to “help” in the kitchen by observing any and all culinary activity! Her coat is smooth and silky, and dark as a deep night sky, and her beautiful eyes are a gorgeous gold! Such a calm, companionable darling will be a gentle, joyful addition in a protective and loving forever family. Could precious Nellie be the perfect ebony treasure to grace your world?

Mother: Mom Cat 24314
Littermates:  Cat 24318, Kitten 24317
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