Barty has been adopted!


Who needs diamonds when you’re as bedazzling as this best-dressed tuxedo treasure girlie named Barty? From her gleaming whiskers, chin, and bib, to her darling dainty feet with perfect white polish on perfectly manicured toesies, this doll is picture-perfect! Beautiful as she is in her elegant attire, she is a little livewire, full of playful high spirits and leadership qualities to match her great sense of kitten adventure! She knows how to have fun and that includes with her happy siblings, other cats, dogs, and kids! Her confident personality colors her world and it’s people with an irrepressibly positive and uplifting vibe! Could such a meow-velous girl, whose fun, affection, and beauty, bring her joyful sparkle to your adoring forever family? Barty says she’ll bring the party!

Littermates:  BB, Bubba, Fredrick, Sandy