Kitten 24381 (Cody) is available for adoption

6 months old

As cuddly as adorable Cody is, it’s his boops that are his speciality! While his head boops are velvety and numerous, it’s his hand boops that are the most endearing! Chin scratches and tasty wet food are high on his list of favorite things too, and all his abundant loving is accompanied by his bold, rumbly purr! Happy wrestling matches and comical races with his fostermates are lively and bring out his playful purrsonality, but it’s his great affectionate nature that will make him a loving family’s fuzzy wuzzy lovebug treasure! He’s a tabbyman classic in his silky suit of soft orange stripes, a polka dot tummy, and a handsome, sugar-dusted quizzical face! He’s been fostered in our kitten room with loving hands and is dreaming of a forever family as sweet as he is. Could cuddlebug Cody nestle his bunny-soft, hand-booping self in the forever comfort and love of your welcoming home?

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