Dandelion has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Flame pt

This sweet little boy named Dandelion is ready to find his forever home and be your cutest and sweetest family member!

He loves all the attention, if you are wanting a little cuddle bug he is your guy!

Dandelion is extra playful, and loves romping around with his liter mates chasing them all over the place. When he is not running around he snuggles up a purrs like no other so loud he sounds like a little motor boat.

This little guy has been around other foster litter mates, however he has not been exposed to dogs or children as of yet.

If you are looking to gain a new family member that will make you smile everyday little Dandelion is the purrfect fit! And of course he would love to bring a sibling he would love that!

Mother: Rose
Littermates:  Sunflower, Tippi, Tulip