With the responsibilities of her young motherhood behind her, torbie sweetheart Rose is ready to put her paws up and luxuriate in being someone’s lovely and lovable treasure. She was surrendered with her kittens who she nurtured wonderfully, teaching all the important life lessons while giving them abundant tender affection. She’s good natured with everyone, including other cats, and also has a youthful sense of fun and play, being quite young herself. If there’s a crinkly, silent, or jinglebell ball to scamper after, she is full of spritely enthusiasm! But her best talent is for cuddling, cheek rubs, and head boops! What a gorgeous girl she is with the sweetest little sugar-dipped smile, big, luminous green eyes, and a dense, soft coat of richly blended beautiful colors! It’s this darling’s turn to be the loved and cared for delight in a home where she is cherished. Lovely Rose would adored being your precious girl.