Harley has been adopted!

White back toes

Hippity hoppity happy Harley may not zoom around on a motorcycle, but his purr sounds like one as he zips around with his lively siblings or investigates every nook and cranny! This fun and affectionate boy is the the most active and inquisitive of his batch and also the most entertaining as he ambushes your feet under the covers or marches right up for a head boop or some nice ear scratching. He’s such a good, friendly guy and has also been fine with bigger cats and a small dog. An inquisitive little face, an awesome set of glistening whiskers, a classically handsome suit of soft gray stripes, and a sweet little smile make him a tabbyman darling with an irresistibly delightful personality. This good-natured, velvet  purrasaurus is sure to be a joyful addition in a family that loves him. Could this hearty hurly-burly boy named Harley be purrfect for you?

Littermates:  Hannah, Harry, Hayley, Henry