Cat 24427 (Winter) is available for adoption

Maine Coon Mix
10 months old

This doll is darling Winter, one of five fuzzy wuzzies ready for forever families are sweet as they are! Like a tiny, floofy bear, this cutie likes to stand tall on her little hind feet, and it couldn’t be more adorable! But this beautiful little lovebug’s unique personality, she needs time to adjust.?  She loves to romp and race with her?  adorable housemates but has not met any other cats.?  Could sweet Winter be the jewel for you?

Mother: Mom Cat 24432
Littermates:  Cat 24428 (Alura), Cat 24429 (Bonnie), Cat 24430 (Kimmie)

Please note:

  • Cat 24427 (Winter) is shown as a Maine Coon Mix based solely on her appearance. We rarely take in purebred animals, so virtually all of them are a mix of several breeds. Do not make an adoption decision based only on our breed designation, especially if you are concerned about allergies.
  • Cat 24427 (Winter) is shy and needs a quiet home. (The San Diego Humane Society offers a Shy Cat training class over Zoom.)
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