2 years old

Deijah is a beautiful tortoiseshell (torti, tortie) cat rescued from the streets of Fresno. She gets along great with other cats, and loves to play. Now, Deijah lives indoors. She is looking for a home of her own. Is it yours?
She does not have the mythical trait called tortitude. Each cat has its own PURR-sonality partly based on their environment and socialization with humans. Also, do not judge a cat by its color.
A tortoiseshell cat is any breed of cat whose fur color looks like the mottled or parti-colored shell of a tortoise. Their fur can be a mix of black or brown with red, ginger, or orange.
A mixed color cat whose fur is 20% white is called a calico. Like the calico, torties are almost aways female. The rare male torties are sterile.
In many cultures, torties are thought to bring good luck. Contrary to popular myth, black cats do not bring bad luck. Any cat would be lucky to have you as a pet parent.