Cosmo has been adopted!

Orange w/white

Cutie pie Cosmo’s face, with its handsome broad brushstroke of ivory, is as adorable as his happy, playful, curious personality. He has three busy siblings who’ve been his bouncy companions and worthy fellow explorers and adventures in endless comical kitten capers! Every toy has been his instant favorite, but nooks and crannies are equally fascinating! He knows how to entertain himself and may squirrel himself away cozily under the bed to recharge rather than piled on the big bed with the humans and other kittens. He appreciates attention and interestingly will take any chance to hang out downstairs with his foster grandmother while the other kittens make their way upstairs. He enjoys some cuddling and also gets along with the well-behaved dog. A bunny-soft orange coat, sweet white toes, and those ivory highlights give him his iconic orange tabbyman good looks! He’s curious, cozily companionable, and fits in easily in every situation, and his name is Cosmo! He’d love to sleep under your bed!

Littermate:  Archer