Kitten 24517 (Butler) has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White

Meet gorgeous Butler, dressed in a long, soft, super silky suit. His beautiful jade green eyes and extra densely fuzzy cheeks make him a picture-perfect little hunk! He’s as affectionate as he is playful and has had the liveliness of his roommates to keep lots of fun and exercise in every day! He’s an enthusiastic diner who keeps his athletic body and skills well-nourished and exercised! Every toy is a favorite and every game and kitten adventure is irresistible to this curious sweetheart who also gets along with older cats and may not mind a well-behaved dog.  Being loved on and having those silky ears scratched is a highlight of the day, and he’s a boy who seems to really love shoes! He and his siblings are happy and friendly, but this darling is the most out-going of the bunch. This great little guy is sure to be an impressively big guy one day and one who will bring fun, friendship, and affection to the people who love and protect him. Butler hopes he’s the perfect addition for you!

Littermate:  Cat 24501 (Felix)