Roxie has been adopted!


Talk about a unique looking calico, Roxie is a special girl!

Her little face is split right down the middle with different colors, and eyes filled with love!

Roxie is not just a beauty she is also a fast little rascal that loves playing with her litter mates Rambo and Ramsey, and beating them to the toys every time. She jumps higher and moves quicker than them to ensure she is the toy hog.

Though she loves to play, she is a little cautious at first around new people. Once she knows you have toys, love, and cuddles ready for her she is happy to bat her kitty eyes at you for affection and cuddle with you. Roxie likes to cuddle but she does not really love being held or carried around much, but when she is ready for cuddles she will come to you.

Roxie has not had exposure to dogs, however she does great around other adult cats and kittens in her foster home. She has not been around kids and due to her shyness she would do best in a quieter home without children.

If your ready for a special girl, then Roxie is packing her toys and is ready to come home with you today! Rambo or Ramsey said they can pack too!

Littermates:  Rambo, Ramsey