Ruffles has been adopted!

Tabby / Abyssinian

Meet little Miss Ruffles!

This girl has a fun spunk to her, although she does not love being held. She does, however, love being petted and loved on, when every you have time. She is very sweet, and loves to play with anything and everything she can get her little paws on to pass the time.

Ruffles is a sweet girl, and is super brave and the first one of her liter mates to check things out to see if she can play with it.

She has not being around dogs, as of yet, so her reaction is unknown but she has been around kids and loves all the attention from them.

If you are ready for a sassy little angel to join your family Ruffles is your girl!? 

Littermates:  Ria, Rolli, Rudy