Tyron is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

10 months old

Tyron is a huggy kissy treasure, probably because he was handled so much being nursed back to health when he was just a tiny guy. His excellent foster mom describes him as “the sweetest little warrior that you could ask for. He is more than happy to keep you entertained as he happily plays with any toy that you give him. He has done well with both cats and dogs and has a great temperament for many homes and families”. He has been determined to have a “lazy eye” from slightly weakened muscles in his left eye which may improve as he grows but do not impair his vision. Considering what this irresistible sweetheart overcame, it’s a badge of kitten courage! When you’re soft as a bunny, full of joyful fun, and never run out of hugs and kisses, it seems like a small thing. Precious Tyron hopes you think so too.?? 

Littermates:  Byron, Latifah, Sparky, Two Tone

Please note:

  • Tyron is ok with dogs
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