Sparky has been adopted!


In his super handsome striped jumpsuit, adorable orange tabbyman Sparky is a scene-stealer, but it’s his vibrant personality that steals the show! Among his three darling brothers and one little sister, this happy camper has the funniest personality in a bundle of charmers! He can make a plaything out of anything, keeps the romps and races rolling, gets along well with other cats and with dogs (he hasn’t met any kids yet), and instantly turns into a hugging, kissing lovebug when you give him any encouragement! He’s the most iconic of kitties - a classic marmalade boy, with gorgeous “racing stripes” on his sweet fuzzy cheeks, big, luminous, soulful eyes, a sugar-dipped nose and smile to melt your heart, and a very distinctive russet “M” like a perfect tabby crown! With his fun-loving and deeply affectionate nature, could darling Sparky be the beloved orange tabby treasure for you!

Littermates:  Byron, Latifah, Two Tone, Tyron