Cat 24580 (Cheyenne) is available for adoption

7 months old

Sassy is a fun word for Cheyenne! She is all about spunk and spice! Her purr is bold, and she’s a snugglebug who loves to cuddle and lay in your arms for hours. Snuggling and playing with her sweet kitten friends is a favorite pastime, and she gets along well with large and small well-behaved dogs, other kittens, and grown cats. She likes to sleep in the big bed, knows her name really well, and loves playing with sparkly toy balls and climbing as high as she can on the cat tree. An extra fluffy coat of multi-colored soft hues and gorgeous eyes make her a picture-perfect calico classic! Could Cheyenne be the treasure for you? Could Cheyenne be your purrfect kitten?

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