Abby girl has been adopted!


This little black and tan, American tabby shorthair, beauty is adorable Abby! She’s a sweetheart who likes to cuddle next to you on the couch, always hopes you have time to pet and scratch her velvet ears. She is friendly and out-going, including around other cats. She’s pretty mellow for a kitten and, together with her busy sister, Bella, they can’t resist a playtime with any kind of bouncy toy! If it rolls, bounces, or crinkles, she’ll have fun with it! She a darling tabby-tiger with classic swirled colors and dense, soft coat, a luxe combo from head to toes to tail. Soulful, soft, jade green eyes are a perfect reflection of her sweetness. With her affectionate, happy disposition she is sure to be a loving gem of a girl in a home that treasures her. Darling Abby hopes you choose her. She would be great adopted on her own or with sister Bella.

Littermates:  Bella, Callista