Star is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Turkish Van
5 months old

This soft ball of marshmallow fluff is darling Star! She does well with young children and with other kittens and enjoys being petted and talked to, but she it independent and self-assured enough to prefers it on her own terms. She hasn’t been exposed to adult cats or dogs. Her quiet nature and gentle independence make her happy to be alone if there’s no one to hang out with and equally happy to enjoy the company of her people when they are available. When she scampers after rolling toys she’s adorable to watch, and when she comes looking for you for some affection, she’s impossible to resist! A luxe dense coat of soft white, and her whisper pink ears, nose, and pouty perfect smile make this beauty a photogenic treasure. Could sweet, gentle, quiet Star be your precious jewel?

Littermate:  Koshka

Please note:

  • Star is ok with small children
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