Thyme has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange with white

Isn't it a great Thyme to adopt a great kitten? This orange-and-white snugglemuffin is a cuddler, a lover, and quite the wrestler. He is truly a sweet cat who just enjoys being around people and his littermates, and he's fascinated by toys that are small enough for him to fling up in the air and then pounce on! This entire litter is quite social and friendly and will literally climb you to be held and snuggled. They love to play, climb on their cat trees, and get along fine with other cats and well-behaved dogs. When it's dinner time, they come running!

Thyme and Sumac would make a great pair they like to play and cuddle together if you are looking to adopt a pair.

Littermates:  Parsley, Sage, Sumac, Tamarind
Buddy: Sumac