Ariel has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Gray and White

This adorable doll is irresistible Ariel who came to her foster mom at just three weeks old and has been raised with eight kitten foster siblings. Being close to her human and being held and loved on is her most favorite thing, and great playtimes are also high on the list! She especially loves to romp and race with her friends, chase the laser dot, and enjoy their wide array of fun little toys! She hasn’t yet been exposed to dogs but does great with kids. Her coat is beautifully soft and silky smooth and looks like a gray velvet cloak and bonnet over an ivory frock! A gorgeous little face with wide-set, light green eyes and a petal pink nose and smile, make her absolutely picture-purrfect! This cuddly sweetheart could not be more affectionate, beautiful, and happy spirited, and is sure to be a joyful addition in a sweet forever family. Darling Ariel would love to be your precious girl!