Wally has been adopted!


Super loving Wally had a rough start in life when the humans he thought would protect and care for him instead tossed him out of their car and into some bushes. There he was found by a very kind person, crying, terrified, and alone. He was quickly placed in a nurturing and secure foster home where he has been totally loved! This sturdy survivor has proven to be the sweetest, gentlest, lovingest boy, who never hisses or scratches, but purrs like a motorboat and hopes there are chin scratches and pets coming his way! He’s a darling guy who loves to be close to his foster mom and all his playful fostermates and is good with children and with a busy household and is getting used to dogs and adult cats. His gorgeous face is picture-perfect, and a suit of handsome silken stripes and rippling spots make him an iconic tabbyman classic in the most easy-care and cuddly attire! Could this great big sweetheart named Wally be your family’s beloved boy?