Rosita has been adopted!

Dilute Tortoiseshell

With her adorably rosy personality, fuzzy wuzzy suit of delicate watercolor markings, comical curiosity, and affection for cats, dogs, kids, and big people, Rosita is a little jewel! She’s so curious about the world around her that explorations, especially with her bouncy brother Ricky, are a favorite activity! Being alone is definitely not her favorite thing, and she will meow to let you know that some company is needed! Her two happy brothers make every playtime fun, and everyone in her busy foster home, from bigger kitties to dogs to kids have shaped her love of everyone! This delightful doll is sweetly and generously affectionate and always a gentle companion. Her beautiful coat is super soft, her little velvet toes’ tips are sugar-dipped, and so is her perfectly precious smile! What happy forever family could resist the well-rounded perfection of lovable Rosita? Could she be your great new treasure?

Littermates:  Raiden, Ricky