Sonar is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

4 months old

Tabbygirl Sonar is purrfectly happy to play all day and cuddle all night! She’s friendly and easy-going, loves her orange brother Echo, and gets along with other cats and with small dogs. That’s useful when you love to romp and kick up your heels as much as she does! With the agility of a furry little gymnast and the grace of a ballerina, this silky, polished, black and silvery striped beauty races, leaps, climbs, and explores, then hopes deep sleep and cozy cuddling fill the night! If you feel like a little conversation, she’s happy to participate or be available to just patiently listen. Tabby girls are known for their managerial spirit, and this sweet one’s bold but affectionate spirit will make her a treasured member of a loving forever family. Could super classic little housetiger Sonar be your darling new addition?

Buddy: Echo

Please note:

  • Sonar is ok with dogs
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