Dolly has been adopted!


Even after all darling Dolly has weathered, the Broadway lyrics couldn’t be truer - “You’re lookin’ swell Dolly, We can tell Dolly, You’re still glowin’, You’re still crowin’, You’re still goin’ strong…..” She’s a darling girl who was found cowering under a shed, dirty, underweight, and with an eye injury so severe that her eye had to be removed. This courageous little calico trouper doesn’t seem to know that she is different, and it hasn’t gotten in the way of her happy, loving spirit one bit! With the other kittens in her nurturing foster home, she can always be found in the middle of any hijinks and often leads the pack in energetic games of bat-and-chase with paper balls and soft cloth mice! She is also good with kids but hasn’t been exposed to dogs. Her beautiful coat of many colors is extra long, soft, and silky, purrfect for this lovebug who is as affectionate as she is playful. Being scooped up for cuddles is always at the very top of her list of favorite things! Adorable Dolly has heart set on being a beloved girl in a loving forever family that treasures her many gifts. She can’t wait to meet you!