Rocket has been adopted!


Petite Rocket may be on the small side, but her spunky spirit and loving nature are delightfully super-sized! Maybe that’s why when the rock ‘n’ roll playtimes wind down with her hippity hoppity siblings, this fuzzy wuzzy housetiger sprite can likely be found cuddled up with her foster family’s big dog! Whether she’s chasing anything that rolls, leaping for dangling toys, or just popping out of empty boxes, she knows how to make a playtime out of anything! Like so many awesome tabby girls before her, this sweetheart could manage your whole household if she only had opposable thumbs, and keep everyone smiling while she does! Her velvety suit of dark charcoal stripes are both dramatic and classic. Her tummy is adorably polka dotted, and her fanTABBulously photogenic face has beautiful white highlights around her bright eyes, a sugar-dipped smile, and a perfect tabby “M” crowning her fuzzy forehead! Could this darling little mighty might named Rocket launch her sweet self into the center of your loving circle?

Littermates:  Asher, Aster, Poppy, Rosie
Rocket and asher