Aster has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White

Irresistible Aster is a joyful boy who likes to cuddle with his people, bounce and pounce with his siblings in every happy game and with every kind of toy, and is absolutely the apple of his beautiful sister Poppy’s eye! This delightfully affectionate guy is also very dog-friendly and will want to play with them if they seem interested. His great enthusiasm and curiosity make explorations around the house and comical kitten adventures part of every day’s fun, and you never have to call this happy little hunk twice for a meal! His polished ebony coat is perfectly accessorized with bright white toes, bib, and tummy, and an adorable face that looks like he took over the paintbrush and decided to go a little Picasso on his darling nose! He’s full of cuddly affection and great fun and is sure to be a pure delight in a forever family that treasures him. Could Aster be the beloved boy for you? Could much-loved sister Poppy come too?

Littermates:  Asher, Poppy, Rocket, Rosie