Poppy has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix / Burmilla
black with more white

Extra floofy Poppy is as adorably cuddly as she is gorgeous! She’s full of affection for her people and delightfully playful with her siblings, but most especially loves her snugglebuddy brother Aster. She’s also fond of her foster family’s little dog, Nike! High-spirited playtimes are frequent/with so many bouncy playmates, but this little doll is always up for being scooped up to be held and hugged and keep you company while you watch tv, another activity high on her list of favorite things! This beauty is always dressed to perfection in a super silky ensemble of stylish black and white, with black velvet “drapes” highlighting her beautiful eyes and delicate petal pink nose. Such an affection and fun-loving darling is sure to be a treasure in a forever family that adores her. Precious Poppy hopes you choose her, and would like to suggest that Aster comes too!

Littermates:  Asher, Aster, Rocket, Rosie