Asher has been adopted!

Brown and white

When sweet Asher’s foster mom says “he is a lovebug” it’s because he literally loves everything! His list of loved things starts with people, and there’s nothing better in his estimation than being around them, and listening to them, and even responding when they talk to him! Next comes lively playtimes which happily include his darling siblings, his foster home’s dogs, and even the older resident cat, Bob. His curiosity is big, so explorations never get old, and even empty boxes are especially entertaining! He’s always on the alert for any attention that might come his way and brings his easy-going, sweetheart vibe to every opportunity to be cuddled and loved on. He’s the handsomest hunk of tabby boy happiness, in a soft, smooth suit of beautiful markings contrasting with lots of bright ivory. His striped cheeks, luminous eyes, and rosy smile make him simply picture-perfect. Could easy-to-love Asher be the new cherished addition in your sweet home?

Littermates:  Aster, Poppy, Rocket, Rosie
Rocket and asher