Cat 24776 (Boba) is a sanctuary resident.

Domestic Medium Hair
Black and White
1 year old

Black velvet Boba is the perfect blend of spunky fun and face-patting affection. Her love of playtime with her three darling siblings and crinkly, fuzzy, or jinglebell balls is a delight to see and her preferred activity even if it’s mealtime! The only thing she enjoys more than a good time is cuddletime! Her favorite trick to get your attention is to weave her beautiful sleek self around your legs. As soon as you pick her up she purrs and will caress your face with her soft little paws, give it sweet kitten kisses and, if invited, snuggle up in your lap for a nice snooze. Then she’s off to snoop and frolic for another round of fun! This classic black treasure named Boba is sure to be a beloved addition in a great forever family.  She suffers fro chronic URI and will live the rest of her life at The Cat House.  A sponsor for her would be great.