Alvin has been adopted!


Meet Alvin the iconic orange purrasaurus! This sweetheart is one of four lovable siblings fostered with an additional 5 kittens where the rollicking good times are chock full of fuzzy wuzzy fun! He’s either running up and down the cat tree, racing with his buddies, or batting little toys everywhere. The laser dot is also a huge fav! As much fun as happy playtimes are, nothing really compares to any chance this little striped tiger has to be scooped up to get hugs and be held, because that’s his very most favorite thing! He’s a handsome little hunk with a stunning set of glistening whiskers, beautiful russet dots and stripes, and gorgeous, heartthrob green eyes. His purr is non-stop and so is his affectionate nature and playful spirit, all in a classic suit of orange tabby sunshine! Adorable Alvin would love to be your purrfect addition!

Littermates:  Abby, April