April has been adopted!


Beautiful April is a tortoishell darling! Her sweet gold-dusted face is like a celestial work of art as enchanting as her loving personality and bouncy spirit of fun! She has three lively siblings and an additional five foster kittens in the merry tribe that keeps their foster home happily hopping with kitten antics. She’s always in the middle of the races up and down the cat tree, games of whack-n-chase with all the toys, and the never-ending quest to conquer her favorite - the little red laser dot! This sweetheart will interrupt whatever she is doing to be held and loved on and brings her lovely, generous purr with her for all the snuggles. Her black and gold beauty is classic and dramatic, but there’s no drama in this adorable doll, just affection and fun that will make her a treasured tortie gem in a loving forever home. Precious April hopes you choose her!

Littermates:  Abby, Alvin