Abby has been adopted!

Dilute Tortoiseshell

Adorably picture-purrfect Abby is a cuddly dilute tortoiseshell treasure from her gray satin nose to her velvety white toes! Her lovely purr is as beautiful as she is, and there’s nothing she loves more than being held. As darling and loving as she is, this sweetheart knows how to have a good time! That’s because she’s one of four lively, lovable siblings who’ve been expertly fostered with an additional troupe of five high-spirited kittens! It’s no surprise that romps, races, explorations, zipping up and down the cat tree, and batting and chasing their various toys, keep the good times rolling! A silky coat of soft watercolor gray and pale gold gilt are this precious purrbug’s elegant ensemble for any and all playtimes and cuddle sessions! She’s a sweet girl through and through and sure to be a beloved addition in a home that adores her. Could Abby be the darling tortie jewel for you?

Littermates:  Alvin, April