Comet has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

With a name like Comet is it any surprise that this plush silver-blue velvet boy has a vibrant personality, has a big gift for gab, pawsitively vibrates at the prospect of wet food and treats, and lights up the room with fun and great affection for his people?! He’s bouncy and boisterous in energetic playtimes with his lively siblings and with his cat uncles, and likes to fake bully his 95 pound dog roommates, but secretly likes them! This plushbug will meow if he gets lonely, but if he’s out of sight and silent he’s either napping or into something! He likes to keep you on your toes! His equally gorgeous brother Bloo is his identical twin in looks and personality, if two matched polished gems are your heart’s desire! He’s irresistibly loving and brimming with life, and his name is Comet! Could he be the bright new light in your welcoming universe?

Littermates:  Bloo, Luna, Nox