Bloo has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

Plushy, silvery Bloo is a perfect balance of fun and love! He likes lots of attention, and will meow if he’s lonely, so hugs and cuddles are high in his list of favorite things. He has built-in playmates with his big cat uncles and bouncy siblings, including his identical plushbug twin brother Comet. Races and romps and kitten explorations are on the agenda everyday, and every toy brings its own set of antics! It took a little while, but he is now also fairly comfortable with his foster home’s 95 pound dogs. This enthusiastic sweetheart is a hearty diner, so never fear that he’ll be late for a meal of wet food. And he’s a high-stepping boy when the cat treats come out! Whether it’s cuddle time or playtime, he’ll be there, dressed for success in his soft silk suit of silver-Bloo plush, bringing his adorably impish little smile with him! He’s sure to be a joyful, lovably happy gem of a guy for a great forever family. Could Bloo be the one for you?

Littermates:  Comet, Luna, Nox