Nox has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Artists will say velvety Nox is the perfect example of the unique color, with its whisper of silvery dust, known as “soft black”. His wonderful foster mother says, “He is the sweetest boy you will ever meet and a master loafer!” This darling dude loves his siblings, his big dog roommates, and his cat uncles, and being right where you are is his most favorite thing! It’s no surprise that he has a small, bright white patch on his fuzzy wuzzy chest, a perfect little heartlight for this sunny-hearted boy! His happy spirit makes him a great playmate, and his affectionate nature makes him a devoted companion. He also loves his wet food and treats, so he’ll hope the shelves are always stocked! Maybe the tiny flashes of white on his belly are his funny reminder! He’s a delight from ears to nose to tail to toes both in his handsome good looks and his precious personality! Could Nox be the beloved boy in your secure and adoring family?

Littermates:  Bloo, Comet, Luna