Luna has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

The quiet life of a pampered princess would be perfect for lovely little Luna. She’s no stranger to playtimes, since she has three delightful siblings, but she’s naturally inclined to be more of a fascinated observer than a high-spirited participant! Just being in the room close to her people or her sibs makes her content, so she will cry if she can’t find either, and loud noises are pretty scary for her gentle nature. A calm home without small children or dogs would probably be best. She loves any attention that comes her way and is also very enthusiastic about mealtimes and treats! Her classic Siamese coat with its elegant markings and her gorgeous eyes the color of deep water make her a picture-perfect jewel. Could serene and loving Luna be the cherished treasure for you?

Littermates:  Bloo, Comet, Nox