Lilo is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Domestic Short Hair
Black White on chest
11 months old

Let the islands come to you! Like a matched strand of three precious little black pearls, siblings Lilo, Maui, and Kona are ready to bring their deep affection and playful spirit to equally loving people! Each one of this purring chorus of sweetness loves to snuggle up to you for cozy cuddles and lots of fuzzy belly rubs! If you see a little white patch of a silky soft chest, that will be Lilo. She’s also the one who does the most observing usually from right next to you. Agile and impish Kona is the speediest up and down the cat tree, and Maui is the bat-and-chase champ with the favorite springs or anything that rolls! Together they’re a happy trio of climber, chaser, and cheerleader! They also get along well with bigger cats and with kids. Dogs are an unknown. They’re polished to perfection in glistening satiny black and are sure to be stunningly photogenic housepanther classics. But it’s their love of their people, fun, and belly rubs that will make them treasures in adoring and protective families. How about yours?

Littermates:  Kona, Maui

Please note:

  • Lilo is ok with small children
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