Kitten 24865 (Elmo) is available for adoption

4 months old

Meet enchanting Elmo, a tuxedoed heartthrob just waiting to steal your heart! That should be easy work for this sweetheart whose dark, dreamy eyes and seductive purr could melt an iceberg! When he bounced spiritedly on his bright white powder puff paws, no rolling jinglebell ball or soft cloth toy escapes his attention. But it’s your attention that really matters to this handsome little fluffbug and the very thing that will make him a loving forever family’s beloved boy!  He has also gotten along with other cats but has not been exposed to dogs or children. A bit of a swashbuckler vibe is reflected in the jaunty white brushstroke highlighting his velvet nose. It also makes him easy to see coming for the cuddles and hugs he adores! Guard your heart! Delightful Elmo is coming to claim it!

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