Mom Cat 24875 (Barbie)

Domestic Short Hair

With her sleek loveliness, playful spirit, and warm affection, it’s easy to see how sweet young mom cat Barbie raised delightful ? kittens! She’s been an excellent mother, always very patient and nurturing, and can now bask in a job well done as she finds her own forever home where it will be her turn to be protected and adored. A zip ‘n’ go vitality keeps her on her springy velvet toes in every happy playtime! She’s the mom who rarely stays on the sidelines if there’s a chance to get in the game, but she’s always easy-going and has also gotten along well with other cats. She’s beautifully attired in a polished-to-perfection suit of ebony black and has lovely jade green eyes and silken whiskers. She can’t resist any attention and brings her loving and happy personality to every interaction. With young motherhood successfully behind her, it’s her turn to be an adored girl in a great home where she is loved and protected. Could darling Barbie be your beloved gem?