Porsche has been adopted!


The prize for whitest and brightest whiskers, bib, tummy, and toesies goes to perfectly precious Porsche! This sweet-as-sugar girlie always has a spring in her step and a happy curiosity about everything and everyone! Every toy and every made up game with her brother and sister captures her full attention! Cozy naps with the sibs in the comfy armchair or the cat hammock and an endless supply of head boops and cheek rubs for her people make her as sweet and loving as she is full of fun! Her beautifully elegant tuxedo coat is bunny-soft and glossy, complemented by her lively round eyes in a lush shade of gorgeous jade green. This sweetheart is sure to be a fun and affectionate doll in a home that adores her! Porsche hopes she’s the treasured prize for you!

Littermates:  Enzo, Kitten 24901, Mercedes