Kitten 24902 (Cracker) is available for adoption

8 months old

Meet bouncy pouncy Cracker, also known as Firecracker and Cracker Jack! Would it surprise you to know that this sunny ball of energy is also a cuddlebug whose favorite place to nap and recharge is tucked right up cozily under your chin?! With one equally bouncy orange brother, there’s no limit to their lively playtimes and inventive adventures, with all their handsome tabby stripes set in motion! Rolling objects, empty boxes, dangling feathers, and crinkly packing paper don’t get much rest when it’s funtime! He’s a purrfectly classic “marmalade” boy in his silky, polished, easy-care coat, and the sweetest sugary smile! If you have a little space to play, a few little toys, and a welcoming chin, this sweetheart named Cracker hopes you choose him!

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